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You will need FSUIPC ver7.x to work with the new Flight Simulator 2020.

KHQM Bowerman hub is live! These are the first routes from our new General Aviation airline!

MSF Airways has just added KHQM Bowerman as a new general aviation hub, which will be featuring Orbx airports! These routes are a little bit different than the ones we have used in the past, so check them out! These routes are also setup on a brand new general aviation airline, meaning the leaderboard is reset and all pilots will be starting from 0 hours for the general aviation airline. View the leaderboard here:

This Hub (KHQM) is also a great freeware airport released by Orbx. Using their FTX Central program for installation is recommended. Download KHQM here:

Many of the destinations are also airports that can be upgraded with Orbx payware airports, and all of the routes are within Orbx’s Pacific Northwest region. We plan to add future Orbx GA hubs in other Orbx regions in the future, next stop will be Northern California! 

Check out the new KHQM route map here:

KSEA Seattle commercial hub live!

Our new Seattle commercial routes are live. These routes are with the new COM airline, so stats will be kept separate from the MSF and GA airline. Route map: