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Flight MSF504

  • Submitted By: MAVERICK
  • Departure Airport: Philadelphia International Airport (KPHL)
  • Arrival Airport: General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport (KBOS)
  • Flight Time: 01.36.06
  • Date Submitted: 03/08/2017
  • Status: Rejected
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(193 load / $ 205.90 per unit
$ 39, 738.70
Fuel Cost:
(-3615 fuel used @ 0.8 / unit)
($ -2, 892.00)

Additional Log Information:

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[17:11] - Learjet 45 MSF
[17:11] - Flight MSF504 is ready to depart KPHL with a final destination of KBOS.
[17:11] - Parking Brake Applied
[17:11] - Boarding
[17:15] - Parking Brake Released
[17:15] - Taxiing to Runway
[17:15] - Taking Off with 0 passengers on board
[17:15] - Take off at 132kts, with a pitch of 6deg and 2311lbs of fuel on board
[17:15] - Gear up at 364AGL
[17:16] - Climbing to TOC
[17:16] - AutoPilot Engaged at 3268AGL
[17:29] - TOC reached
[17:29] - Cruise started
[17:31] - AFK Activated
[17:34] - AFK Acknowledged
[18:08] - TOD reached
[18:08] - Descending to destination
[18:20] - Landing Shortly
[18:30] - AFK Activated
[18:30] - AFK Acknowledged
[18:31] - Gear down at 1716AGL
[18:37] - AutoPilot Disengaged at 50AGL
[18:37] - Landed at -291fpm. With 1399lbs of fuel onboard and a pitch angle of 6deg.
[18:37] - Taxiing to Gate
[18:39] - Gear up at 0AGL
[18:48] - Gear down at -16AGL
[18:48] - Parking Brake Applied
[18:48] - Arrived safely at KBOS. We hope you enjoyed your flight!
[18:48] - Learjet 45 MSF
[18:48] - AFK Attempts: 2
[18:48] - AFK minutes: 3
[18:48] - MaxSim Rate: 1x
[18:48] - MSF Airways ver:


Commenter Comment
MAVERICK FSX froze when I headed to the gate and afer couple of minutes it worked but then I noticed the gear up thing on Kacars dont know why but had a good flight thanks for the VA manager on checking the PIREP
CopOut MSF504: I'm noticing some other issues with this PIREP. The log shows 0 passengers, however, the PIREP is showing a load of 193 in a Learjet 45. I don't think that plane can handle this many passengers. The PIREP is also showing a negative value for fuel used. Finally, the PIREP is showing that no aircraft was selected.
Casey Ryback AND one of the Rules said, Check your Pirep in the right kACARS window before filing,to keep this kind of work away from the manager's, sorry, but you have all in your hands before hit the File Pirep button.
Casey Ryback Read comments
MAVERICK I see fellas I didnt note the 0 passengers showing at the top yet I did select an aircraft which does show on top as Learjet 45 and the minus value fuel consumption probably the FSX freeze had to do something maybe I lost connection to FSX while it froze yet Kacars didnt show a message when I did everything right still the froze must have caused the issue :(. I wouldn't have filed it if I saw the 0 passengers but I didnt notice it and I'll check every bit of information before filing the PIREPS from now on and I'll redo this flight sometime after its a lovely approach to KBOS and Thank you VA managers.

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