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VA Rules

1. The Landing rate is limited to between 0 and -500 ft/min. Depending on the Aircraft -500ft/min can be a crash, so we think every good Pilot can stay below that.

2. Total AFK time will be limited to a maximum of 60 min. (i.e If you plan a 5 hour flight, make sure you have the time to monitor the flight. Starting a flight before going to work/school and landing when you return is not fair to the other pilots who monitor the whole flight in front of their PC.) You may "Pause" the          Flight while away from your keyboard.

3. Boarding and taxi times are limited to 20 min. total. Pilots get their hours and payments for flying , not for sitting on the ground and collecting time.

4. Departure or arrival airports must match what you selected in kACARS.

5. Please, do not use the Slew-Mode while kACARS is running.

6. No time acceleration. The Sim-Rate should remain at 1x.

7. Make sure that before you start the flight, you pick the correct Aircraft, press the check mark next to that to apply the passenger load, and set your flightlevel. Proper fuel planning (i.e. means less fuel, less weight and therefore the landing will be much easier.

8. Stay away from fuel stations after kACARS is started so your plane does not refuel prior to the PIREP being filed. Also, fuel loads at take-off should not be increased during flight (in-flight reloads) and fuel tanks should not be empty at the time of landing.

9. Before you file the PIREP, check the Flight Log in kACARS on the right hand side. Make sure points 1-8 above have been completed.


Thank you for accepting the terms and happy flying.

VA Staff